Kelly Rowland “Kisses Down Low”

This gotta be the cutest song bout cunnilingus with the most adorable vid too. Kelly is such babe. 

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Kelly Rowland | Kisses Down Low

Kisses Down Low

I just wanna run my tongue up and around the tip of your lips
While you grasping for air every time I suck on your clit
The way you grab my head to shove my face into your cunt
With my tongue inside you moving forward to back and then back to the front
No baby don’t fight it
I know you like it when I bite it
I know all you want me to do is eat that pussy all night and
I feel your legs getting shakey
No baby it won’t break me
The tighter your legs wrap around me the more I work the tongue crazy
I love to make that pussy extra wet
This that bomb pussy I can’t forget
Tasting your juices and making that kitty squirt is an accomplishment
Something I won’t regret
Tell me that this pussy is mine
That soaked juicy place where I wanna reside in
No surfboard needing to take place because in that pussy
I’m gonna dive in
Straight tickle that twat as soon as I let my tongue slide in
No snorkeling I want this place to be where I drown in
So let me finish eating that pussy baby
Tell me that this pussy is mine
When them sexy legs open for me eating that pussy is all on my mind 👅🙀💦

By Angel Saltos

Mind Lost In Love by Angel Saltos

Why must I surround my self with a handful of corrupt
So much anger and misdirection
Sooner or later the volcano will erupt
While your still stressing
My mind stays stuck
checking my surroundings for lighting
Because my heart feels struck
You said you loved me
And that you would never let me go
Of course things changed from a few years ago
Love is blind
Tell me something I don’t know
When I put my all into being that man
You wanted in life
For you to up and leave
Back stabbed by love on a knife
Cold hearted
You were underdressed skating on ice
I took a gambling chance with you
The only difference is I didn’t have any dice
So I rolled
Taking a different road
Like the rest only to brush the pain off my chest
I thought we were equally in love
I use to be able to feel you through and out my flesh
Now I’ll just sit wondering to myself
What’s next?
From your touch on my neck
To your kiss on my back
My heart weakens for you
I’ll always imagine wanting you back

Can I Live? By Angel Saltos (FreshFlu_A)

Can I live?
The most common question I ask myself
Living in a world so cold,
Even when the street is hot
News on tv,
Telling me another youth is shot
Is it really worth it?
The question/message I try to spread around
Proving the white man right,
Us Black Americans and Latinos proving we can’t live civilized
What a pity?
The question I ask when I look at my city,
The place I was born and raised,
The place where people want the world to be different but aren’t ready to change
This place was once called “The Land Of Opportunity”
Though a lot of us took this place for granted,
Now we live each day by prayers waiting for our wishes to be granted
I don’t wanna lose this war to our government

So again I ask myself,
Can I live?

My Feel For Her by Angel Saltos (Freshflu_A)

Give me a reason to love you,
I won’t have a reason to leave
I showed you it was real,
had you all over my arm,
as part of my sleeve
True love,
yours I couldn’t question
I put my heart on Instagram,
your the only one I can mention
That moment I don’t see you,
can get pretty tensing
Impatiently waiting for you,
has me trapped in some type of depression
That first time I see you again,
has me feeling like my luck has changed
You came to check me,
when you could have been with who, where, what’s his name
But your sitting next to me,
my luck has changed
When we part ways,
I know our times up
My mind goes and my heart stays,
Happens most of the time we spend our days

My Confession by Angel Saltos (Freshflu A)

Girl I got a confession
I thought of you last night
Was I wrong?
Tell me it’s okay
Tell me you thought of me too
Tell me you smiled afterwards
Tell me cuz of that you couldn’t wait to see me again
Tell me how happy you’ve gotten when I filled your messages with my kisses
Maybe I thought of you sexually
Maybe I thought of you more politely
My secrets are all I know
How did you think about me?
What emotions came across when I crossed your mind?
Did you get that cold shivery feeling?
Needing I around to share warmth?
Is it that happy joyful feel that’ll have you smiling for no important reason?
Or could it be that nervous feeling of not trusting someone you care for?

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